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Thread started by Dave Winer on Wednesday, March 14, 2012.

A rule for reporters

Every reporter should have a way to contact them offline, without creating a public record of the contact.

I don't mean a high security link, though that would be nice, I mean an email address on their About page.

Obviously I have an idea for a reporter who I read regularly, who I think could benefit from a new perspective on things, that would give him a way to apply what he knows to a whole other industry.

I'd rather not be his "source" for this idea, in other words I don't want to be quoted in whatever stories may come from this, nor do I even want to be mentioned in the stories. I am not the story, nor am I even part of it. And maybe he or she doesn't want to pick it up. But they are losing out if there's no way to send them a quick note, from someone they probably don't know (me).

My hope is that the reporter I want to reach will post an item to this thread and I'll thereby get their email address and be able to get this idea out to them. :-)