NYT joins Tabbed River 2.0
Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 7:10 AM by Dave Winer.
  • I love me some rivers! And here's a new one..
  • The tabbed-river concept is really working.
  • Yesterday I had the idea that wouldn't it be cool if there was one really long tab just for NY Times stories. It's not that there are no stories from the Times in rivers, I follow the NYT firehose in my personal river. But there are a lot of other news sources in there, and only a limited number of items, so you don't get as many stories from any one source.
  • The Mother Of All Rivers? Or is that the Grey Lady of All Rivers? :-)
  • Ever want to find out quickly what you've been missing for the last 12 hours?
  • Now we have your tab.
  • It's the third one, after Apple -- which is the lead tab until the new products are announced -- and the very popular Tech tab.
  • One thing I can see from the stats is that people are clicking around. That, I see as a sign that the rivers are proving useful.