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Iraqis Plan to Take Lead in Driving ISIS From Mosul

Amid concerns about Iranian involvement in the offensive against the Islamic State, the Iraqi defense minister said the Mosul mission would be 0planned, timed and executed by Iraqis.0

Putin Says Boris Nemtsov0s 0Brazen Murder0 Was Politically Motivated

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia gave0a speech to senior law enforcement officers during the Ministry of Internal Affairs0 annual review in Moscow on Wednesday.

John Kerry Flies to Saudi Arabia to Discuss Iran Nuclear Talks

Secretary of State John Kerry during a break in the negotiations over Iran's nuclear program in Switzerland on Wednesday.0

News Analysis: In Speech, Netanyahu Eased Demand for 0Zero0 Iran Nuclear Capacity

The stances of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama remain far apart, but the Israeli leader0s remarks did raise the question of whether he could ultimately accept an imperfect deal.

Broadcast of India Gang Rape Documentary Banned by Court

The film, 0India0s Daughter,0 features an interview with Mukesh Singh, now on death row for the crime.

France Seeks 3 Suspects in 1982 Attack on Goldenberg Restaurant

Failure to find the perpetrators of the 1982 attack on the Goldenberg restaurant in Paris has been a0source of frustration for law enforcement officers and the local Jewish community alike.

Vote Nearing, Netanyahu Takes Up Familiar Cause: Iran0s Nuclear Quest

Supporters say Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is playing his strong card, but opponents say he is scaring voters while offering few hopeful solutions.

Op-Ed Contributor: How China Fuels Myanmar0s Wars

Chinese-led development projects stoke ethnic tensions across the border.

Op-Ed Contributor: Romania0s Anti-Corruption Mania

Sinosphere Blog: Xi Jinping0s 0Four Comprehensives0 Give Shape to a Crowded Agenda

President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Dec. 23.

Snowden Seeks to Return Home to U.S., His Lawyer Says

The lawyer said he was working with a team of Americans and Germans on legal issues that would allow for the former intelligence contractor0s return.

Deadly Blast Rocks Coal Mine in East Ukraine

Several miners were killed in the explosion, and dozens more were trapped underground and feared dead.

Lens Blog: Photos Hopscotch Through Cort0zar0s Paris

Luisa Valenzuela. Writer. Argentine. Chosen fragment: 0And while somebody explains something as always, I don0t know why I am in this caf0, in all caf0s, in the Elephant & Castle, in the Dupont Barb0s, in the Sacher, in the Pedrocchi, in the Gij0n, in the Greco. ...0

Countries Questioning Indonesia0s Push to Execute Drug Offenders

Andrew Chan and, behind, Myuran Sukumaran, in 2006, were said to have been flown to an island where people are executed.

China0s Military Budget Increasing 10% for 2015, Official Says

People0s Liberation Army officers arriving Wednesday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing for the annual session of the National People0s Congress.

Sinosphere Blog: Obama Expresses Concern Over China0s Rules for Tech Firms

President Obama and President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Nov. 12, 2014.

Sinosphere Blog: China Overtakes U.S. at the Box Office

Riding on a slate of domestic films in the Lunar New Year holiday season, China0s monthly box office receipts in February surpassed those of the United States for the first time.

A Muslim Chaplain Caught in the Middle

Salah Hamidi, 50, at his home in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine. He is a Muslim chaplain at a prison in nearby Villepinte that has about 600 Muslim inmates.

Migrant Train Raided by Mexican Authorities

The Mexican authorities said Tuesday that they had staged 153 raids in the last year on a train known as 0The Beast0 that rolled toward the United States crowded with Central Americans.

South Korea Tightens Rules Against Gifts to Fight Graft

The law calls for up to three years in prison for journalists and teachers, as well as public servants, who accept single cash donations or gifts valued at more than a million won, or about $900.

Portugal, Algarve Cup0s Host, Says Event Is 0Our World Cup0

Ana Borges, right, during a match in September. Portugal, ranked No. 42 in the world, will play France, Japan and Denmark in the Algarve Cup.

Iraqi Campaign to Drive ISIS From Tikrit Reveals Tensions With U.S.

Iraqi soldiers and Shiite militiamen on Tuesday in Salahuddin Province, north of Baghdad.

Bettina Graziani Dies at 89; Supermodel of Fashion0s 0New Look0

Bettina Graziani modeled a hat by Rose Valois in 1951.

0Toute La Vie,0 Song for French Charity, Strikes Discordant Note

An image from a video on YouTube showed French singers and celebrities performing the song 0Toute La Vie,0 recorded to aid a charity.

Japan0s Growth in Solar Power Falters as Utilities Balk

The Nanatsushima Mega-Solar Power Plant in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, which opened in 2013. The area is also home to the Tanegashima Space Center.

Addis Ababa Journal: Ethiopia, Long Mired in Poverty, Rides an Economic Boom

Construction at a station on a metro line through Addis Ababa, one of a series of infrastructure projects that Ethiopia, once mired in poverty, hopes will help it mimic Asia0s industrial rise.

World Briefing: Namibia: President Is Awarded $5 Million Prize for Good Governance

Namibia0s departing president, Hifikepunye Pohamba, has been awarded the 2014 Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership.

World Briefing: Chile: Eruption Sets Off Evacuations

One of South America0s most active volcanoes erupted early Tuesday in southern Chile, spewing heavy smoke into the air as lava surged down its slopes and prompting the authorities to evacuate about 3,500 people.

World Briefing: Britain: Man Linked to Militants in Yemen Is Extradited to the U.S.

A Vietnamese man accused of helping develop online propaganda for Al Qaeda0s affiliate in Yemen has been extradited from Britain to face trial in Manhattan, United States prosecutors said Tuesday.

World Briefing: Michelle Obama to Visit Japan and Cambodia

The American first lady, Michelle Obama, will travel to Japan and Cambodia this month as part of an effort to support education for girls, the White House said Tuesday.

California Apartments Raided in Federal Investigation of Chinese 0Birth Tourism0

Federal agents swarmed an apartment complex in Irvine, Calif., on Tuesday, as part of a crackdown on the industry promoting maternity tourism.

U.N. Moves Closer to Sanctions in South Sudan Conflict

While the Security Council voted to sanction those who disrupt peace efforts, it stopped short of barring the warring factions from buying more arms.

Memorial for Nemtsov, Assassinated Critic of Putin, Draws Thousands

Diplomats, political allies and family members said their last goodbyes at the wake and funeral of Boris Y. Nemtsov, who was fatally shot in Moscow.

Germany to Bolster Investment in Cities and Towns

The country said it would commit an additional 5 billion euros to helping needy municipalities.

In First, Indian State Bans Possession and Sale of Beef

Maharashtra has become the first Indian state to ban the possession and sale of beef, imposing penalties of up to five years in prison or a fine for violations.

Man Convicted of Rape in Delhi Blames Victim

Mukesh Singh