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Op-Ed Contributor: A Sea Change in Greece?

The strict economic policies of the government have begun to bear fruit and better days now seem possible.

In France, New Review of 35-Hour Workweek

Myriam Bello, 22, is one of nearly 4.5 million workers in France unable to find jobs with at least 35 hours a week. She works 30 hours at a New Look clothing store.

Malaysian Premier Says Sedition Act Will Stand

Najib Razak, the prime minister, center, said that Malaysia's Sedition Act would instead be reinforced with new provisions.

Scotland Should Get Increased Powers, Including Over Taxation, Commission Says

Under new recommendations, the Scottish Parliament would set income tax rates and bands, and the region would get a larger share of welfare spending and revenue from sales taxes.

Indonesia Formally Pledges to Join China-Sponsored Regional Bank

Finance Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro has signed an agreement to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, intended to rival organizations like the World Bank.

Taipei Mayor0s Race Could Alter Balance of Taiwan0s Political Power

Ko Wen-je, who is favored to win Taipei0s mayoral election on Saturday, greeting supporters.

Suicide Bomber Attacks British Embassy Vehicle in Kabul

The blast, which an official said left three people dead and dozens wounded, was the latest in an escalating bombing campaign in the Afghan capital.

Sinosphere Blog: Bean Sprouts Tainted With Banned Additive Are Again Found in China

The additive enhanced the appearance and shortened the growing cycle of the bean sprouts, driving up profits.

Sinosphere Blog: Q. and A.: Zhang Lifan on the New Chinese Nationalism

Zhang Lifan, a historian whose family has been deeply involved in modern Chinese political life.

Francis Fraser, Who Cashed In on His Cruelty, Dies at 90

Francis Fraser, known as Mad Frankie, in London in 1997. Mr. Fraser, a career criminal, was suspected in up to 40 killings.

World Briefing: North Korea: Leader0s Sister Has Post in Ruling Party

North Korea0s state-run news media revealed Thursday that Kim Jong-un0s younger sister had become a senior official at the ruling Workers0 Party.

World Briefing: Venezuela: President0s Rival to Be Charged as Plotter

The national prosecutor0s office said on Wednesday that it would charge a prominent opposition leader in what it called a plot to kill President Nicol0s Maduro.

Rescuers in Yemen Sought American, Officials Say

A journalist held by a Qaeda affiliate was a target in a raid this week by Special Operations commandos and Yemeni troops, according to U.S. and Yemeni officials.

News Analysis: Afghans Finally Get Good Governance, Without the Government

The two leaders, Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive of the national unity government, shown at prayer, and President Ashraf Ghani, have been unable to agree on major appointments.

World Briefing: Nepal: Agreements Stall at South Asian Summit

South Asian leaders discussed trade and energy cooperation and regional peace in Katmandu on Wednesday, but did not reach a consensus on expected transportation and energy agreements.

World Briefing: Germany: Merkel Repeats Tough Stance on Ukraine

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany told Germany0s Parliament on Wednesday that no military solution to the crisis with Russia was possible, but also that there was no way to lift sanctions under the present circumstances.

World Briefing: Switzerland: Ban Urged on Eating Cats and Dogs

An animal rights group has petitioned the Swiss government to ban a traditional, if rare, practice of eating cats for dinner and turning dogs into sausages.

Oligarchs of Eastern Europe Scoop Up Stakes in Media Companies

Matus Kostolny resigned as editor of SME, an independent Slovak newspaper, after a well-connected group bought a large share.

Rebels in Yemen Strike at Rivals

The Houthis seized control of a compound belonging to one of the country0s most powerful tribal clans, the Al-Ahmar tribe.

World Briefing: Egypt: Rafah Border Crossing Is Opened Temporarily

Egypt temporarily opened its crossing on its border with Gaza on Wednesday for the first time in 30 days, allowing more than 250 Palestinians who had been stuck in Egypt to return to the coastal territory.

World Briefing: Egypt: Cabinet Approves Broad Antiterrorism Bill

Egypt0s cabinet approved a draft antiterrorism law on Wednesday that would give the government blanket power to ban groups on charges ranging from harming national unity to disrupting public order.

Jian Ghomeshi, Canadian Radio Host Facing Sexual Assault Charges, Is Granted Bail

Jian Ghomeshi leaving court on Wednesday after his release on bail. He has been charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of choking.

Sierra Leone to Eclipse Liberia in Ebola Cases

The World Health Organization reported more than 600 new cases of Ebola in the week that ended Sunday, more than half of them in Sierra Leone.

Resignation of Top U.N. Relief Official Sets Up Clash

The announcement appeared to have to do not with her performance, but with political maneuvering at the United Nations by powerful member countries.

Stuck Russian Plane Gets a Push, Possibly Symbolic, From Passengers

Dozens of passengers in Igarka, 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle, climbed out on Wednesday ostensibly to help push the aircraft onto the runway.

Germany Planning Quotas for Women in Boardrooms

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said a bill, requiring that women make up at least 30 percent of the nonexecutive members of corporate boards, would be introduced in Parliament on Dec. 11.

Chinese Artwork Brings Auction Record of $45 Million

A Chinese collector0s purchase of a Ming dynasty silk wall hanging for $45 million set a new record for a Chinese artwork sold at international auction.

Another Feline Incursion From Russia Into China

Ustin at a Russian wildlife center in 2013. He followed Kuzya, another Siberian tiger, into China.

Greek Navy Aids Disabled Ship With Hundreds of Migrants

The disabled cargo ship Baris, said to be carrying hundreds of migrants, is seen during a rescue operation on Wednesday off the island of Crete.

British Brothers Imprisoned for Attending Terrorist Training Camp in Syria

The brothers, Hamza and Mohommod Nawaz, were arrested last year while returning from Syria, and were said to have brought home ammunition as a trophy.

0Right to Be Forgotten0 Should Apply Worldwide, E.U. Panel Says

A monitor in Google's offices in Berlin. Privacy advocates in Europe want to expand "right to be forgotten" rules.

U.S. Adds Planes to Bolster Drive to Wipe Out ISIS

A plane from the American-led coalition flew over Kobani, Syria, a town under assault by ISIS.

Berlin Journal: Finding Takers for Lonely Leftovers in a Culinary Nook of the Sharing Economy

Culinary Misfits, a cafe that opened in Berlin four months ago, works with farmers to pair consumers with oddly shaped vegetables that supermarkets reject.

The Mine Disaster That Shook Turkey

Ahmet (seated center) with his daughter, Duygu, and his wife, Tugba (far left). Also pictured are Ahmet0s mother and other members of his family.

Sinosphere Blog: China Asks for Help Identifying and Returning Fugitive Officials

Yu Zhendong, right, accused of embezzling $485 million from a state-owned bank, was arrested by the Chinese police in Beijing in 2004 after he was returned by the United States authorities on the condition that he would not be executed.

Op-Ed Contributors: Subcontracting Repression in the West Bank and Gaza

Palestinian security forces were supposed to help build a state. Instead, they0ve become a tool of the occupation.

Zimbabwe0s Vice President Is Barred From Party Panel

Joice Mujuru, once seen as President Robert G. Mugabe0s heir apparent, was reported to have been disqualified because she had plotted to have him assassinated.

Op-Ed Contributor: America Must Not Neglect Its Nukes

Lens Blog: Getting to the Feeling Behind the Photos

A soccer match in Little Liberia.

Room for Debate: Standing Up to Aggression, or Ensuring Security