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Survivors of 1998 U.S. Embassy Bombings Can Testify in Trial, Judge Rules

Lawyers representing Khaled al-Fawwaz had argued that testimony from victims of the bombings would add nothing more than 0dramatics0 and 0emotions0 to the proceedings.

With Oil Revenue Dropping, Mexico Announces Budget Cuts

The government said it would cut $8.3 billion, sharply reducing the budget of the state oil company and effectively canceling a bullet train project at the center of a conflict-of-interest scandal.

World Briefing: Zimbabwe0s President Is Appointed Chairman of African Union

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, one of Africa0s most divisive figures, was appointed to the rotating chairmanship of the African Union by the organization0s leaders on Friday.

Haitians Are Swept Up as Bahamas Tightens Immigration Rules

According to a strict new immigration policy, two friends born in the Bahamas are considered to be Haitians.

News Analysis: A Strained Alliance: Obama-Netanyahu Rift Grew Over Years

In the latest falling-out between President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, senior officials in both Washington and Jerusalem are making little effort to hide the seriousness of the rift.

Yves Chauvin, Chemist Sharing Nobel Prize, Dies at 84

Yves Chauvin at his home in Tours, France, in 2005, after he shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with two Americans.

Loyalist Forsakes Gandhis0 Fraying Party

Sonia Gandhi, head of the Indian National Congress party, and her son, Rahul, in May after their party was swept from power.

Canada Seeks to Strengthen Spy Agency After Attacks

Prime Minister Stephen Harper introduced legislation Friday that would give the spy service new powers to fight terrorism.

World Briefing: Belgium: 4 Suspects Detained in Antiterrorism Sweep

Belgian authorities have detained four suspects during an antiterrorism sweep linked to the recruitment of potential jihadis to go fight in Syria, officials said Friday.

World Briefing: Venezuela: Military Says It Downed Plane Near Aruba

Venezuela0s defense minister said Friday that Venezuelan military aircraft had shot down a small plane that crashed a day earlier in the waters near the island of Aruba.

World Briefing: The Hague: Srebrenica Massacre Verdicts Are Upheld

Appeals judges at the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal in The Hague on Friday upheld genocide convictions against two senior Bosnian Serbs for their roles in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre.

African Nations Show Progress in Uniting to Beat Back Militants in Nigeria

Troops from Chad led the recapture of a town from Boko Haram, and the African Union called for the creation of a 7,500-member regional force.

Odd Photo Choice for Venezuela Promotional Effort

A picture of the journalist Jim Wyss taken after his release from Venezuelan detention was used in a national pride campaign.

The Saturday Profile: U.N. Rights Chief Says He0ll Shine a Light on Countries Big and Small

Prince Zeid Ra0ad Zeid al-Hussein, the new United Nations high commissioner for human rights, is a member of the Jordanian royal family.

Argentine Leader Pleads For Unity During Inquiry

President0Cristina Fern0ndez de Kirchner0of0Argentina at a meeting with government officials Friday in Buenos Aires.

Fall in Eurozone Prices Inflames Fears of Deflation

With a decline in prices for second consecutive month, what some economists see as a spiral of doom, others consider a break for consumers.

Islamic Militants Surprise Kurds in Iraq, Killing a Commander in a Day of Attacks

Kurdish security personnel at the site of an attack by the Islamic State in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk on Friday. Bombs and shelling in Baghdad killed at least 25 people, officials said.

Israel Takes New Step to Expand West Bank Housing

The government published bids for the construction of 450 units, a move that angered the Palestinians and came amid growing tensions with the Obama administration.

World Briefing: Kerry to Meet with Ukrainian Leaders in Kiev

Secretary of State John Kerry0s trip will highlight the United States0 support for Ukraine, the State Department said.

South Africa Grants Parole To a Death-Squad Leader

Eugene de Kock at a Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearing in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1998. He received a prison sentence of two life terms plus 212 years.

Lining Up to Receive Aid in Ukraine, Crowd Is Devastated by a Mortar Attack

A series of explosions on Friday hit a parking lot in Donetsk where several hundred people had lined up for humanitarian aid meant for children and the elderly.

Sinosphere Blog: Q. and A.: Roderick MacFarquhar on Xi Jinping0s High-Risk Campaign to Save the Communist Party

Roderick MacFarquhar

Explosion Kills Dozens at Shiite Mosque in Pakistan

Security officials at a Shiite mosque in Shikarpur, Pakistan, where at least 55 people were killed in a bombing on Friday.

Litchi Toxin May Give Rise to Mysterious Epidemic in India, Inquiry Finds

An investigation of an illness that caused thousands of children to suffer convulsions, lapse into comas and die has found that a toxin found in litchi fruit may be the cause.

Gunman Who Killed 3 Americans Was Said to Wear Afghan Military Uniform

The attacker who killed three military contractors at the airport in Kabul is believed to have been a member of the security forces, official said.

Op-Ed Contributor: How Bad Data Fed the Ebola Epidemic

Sinosphere Blog: China Warns Against 0Western Values0 in Imported Textbooks

Students at Renmin University in Beijing. Education officials have warned against teaching materials that might promote Western values.

Opinion: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 0Moby-Dick0

Sinosphere Blog: China to Tally Suicides by Civil Servants

The main doors to the Jinan Intermediate People0s Court in Shandong Province. China0s two-year-old anticorruption campaign has been accompanied by reports of 00unnatural deaths00 among officials.

Saudi King Hands Out Pink Slips and Bonuses

Despite concern that a steep decline in oil prices would restrict the country0s finances, King Salman also decreed a cash bonus worth two months' salary to government employees, students and pensioners.

R. K. Laxman, Cartoonist Who Amused India for Decades, Dies at 93

R.K. Laxman in an undated photo. His character, the Common Man, is pictured behind him in a checkered shirt.

Plane Crashes Near Aruba After Pursuit by Military Jets

A small civilian aircraft, suspected of carrying drugs and pursued by Venezuelan military jets, crashed Thursday into the Caribbean Sea near the island of Aruba, officials said.

Government Allies Are Said to Have Slaughtered Dozens of Sunnis in Iraq

Iraqis pick through the wreckage of their home they said was destroyed by0Shiite militiamen in0Tikrit, northern Iraq.0

Bomb Attacks at Security Sites in Sinai Kill at Least 26

The bombings suggest that Egypt0s campaign of home demolitions, nighttime curfews and geographic isolation has failed to head off the budding insurgency there.

World Briefing: The Netherlands: Intruder Arrested at TV Broadcaster

A 19-year-old Dutchman with a pistol forced his way into the studios of the national broadcaster NOS on Thursday demanding to be allowed to go on air, but he was quickly arrested, officials said.

Group of Senators Seeks to Lift Cuba Travel Limits

A bipartisan group of lawmakers has taken the first step in a looming congressional battle over how far to expand trade and tourism with the Castro government.

Italy Opens Voting for New President. Let the Intrigue Begin.

In a process expected to take at least three days, the candidate of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has already been turned away.

Letter From Europe: Britons Still Want a Global Role

A new study found that a majority of Britons support playing a major role in world affairs but are reluctant to pay the cost.

Greece0s Feisty Finance Minister Tries a More Moderate Message

0All we0re asking is for,0 Yanis Varoufakis said, 0is an opportunity to put together a proposal that will minimize the costs of Greece0s loan agreement and give this country a chance to breathe again after policies that created massive social depravity.0

Three Americans Are Killed in a Shooting at Kabul Airport

Some reports said the Americans, who were military contractors, were killed by a man wearing an Afghan military uniform.

Sri Lanka to Free Tamils and Return Their Land

The promises represent the most significant efforts yet announced by the new government to heal the still-festering wounds of a decades-long civil war.

Greece Steps Back Into Line With European Union Policy on Russia Sanctions

On Thursday, Greece backed away from strong statements denouncing sanctions, calming worries that the election of a far-left government in Greece could upend Europe0s policy toward Moscow.

Houthis Reach Out as They Cement Power in Yemen

Rebel Houthi fighters, some wearing military uniforms, guarded a street during a demonstration last Friday in Sana, the capital of Yemen.

Chaos in Paris Commute as RER Train Drivers Go on Strike Over Assault

Commuters crowded the passageways of the RER Paris-suburban train network on Thursday at the Chatelet-Les Halles station in Paris.

U.S. Textbook Skews History, Prime Minister of Japan Says

Shinzo Abe, the conservative prime minister of Japan, opened a new front in a battle to sway American views of the country0s wartime history.

French Police Question Boy, 8, After Remarks on Paris Attacks

Fritz-Joly Joachin, a man of Haitian origin who was arrested in Bulgaria several weeks ago and has been linked to the Paris attackers, was extradited to France on Thursday.

The People vs. Boko Haram

A Civilian Joint Task Force officer in Maiduguri, in northeastern Nigeria, screening residents of nearby villages and towns who were displaced by recent Boko Haram attacks.

The Top 10 Videos of the Year

Our top ten videos of the year range from one man0s incredible tale of surviving an ISIS massacre to a charming 0 and very kid-friendly 0 dinner experiment.

Chemical Weapons in Iraq: Revealing the Pentagon0s Long-Held Secrets

Explore the Times investigation on secret casualties of Iraq0s abandoned chemical weapons, and the Pentagon0s response, including follow-up care for those exposed.