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31 Egyptian Soldiers Are Killed as Militants Attack in Sinai

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi convened an emergency meeting of Egypt0s top generals and declared a state of emergency in parts of the Sinai, including a curfew.

World Briefing: Pakistan: Court Acquits a Suspect Charged in the Murder of Daniel Pearl

A Pakistani court on Friday acquitted one of the main suspects in the 2002 murder of the American journalist Daniel Pearl.

World Briefing: Turkey: MERS Virus Case Is Reported

The potentially fatal MERS virus that originated in Saudi Arabia two years ago has spread to Turkey for the first time, the World Health Organization said Friday.

World Briefing: Dominican Republic: Inmates Riot at Model Prison and Try a Mass Escape

At least four inmates were killed and several wounded after an attempted mass escape at a prison in San Cristobal, officials said Friday.

World Briefing | Middle East: Libya: Army Advances in Benghazi

The Libyan Army and its allies among local militias have taken control of one of the largest camps of Islamist forces in the eastern city of Benghazi, military officials said Friday.

World Briefing: Austria: Monument Honors Deserters From the Third Reich0s Army

Austria unveiled a new monument on Friday dedicated to thousands of Austrians who deserted from the German Army during World War II.

World Briefing: Britain: Elizabeth R. Sends First Tweet

Queen Elizabeth II sent her first tweet on Friday, although she kept things traditional by signing off as 0Elizabeth R.0

Sinosphere Blog: 0The Storm of Reality0: Chinese Poetic Voices From the Lower Tier of Society

News Analysis: Attacks in West Raise New Fears Over ISIS0s Influence

Analysts say the far-flung plots and attacks mark a change in the nature of the group and its threat to the West.

Body of Nathan Cirillo, Canadian Soldier Killed in Attack, Returns Home

Kathy Cirillo, the mother of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, followed pallbearers carrying her son's coffin on Friday in Ottawa.

DealBook: Investors Are Eager for African Sovereign Debt, Despite Plenty of Risks

The Kigali Convention Center in Rwanda under construction in April.

New Japanese Trade Minister Brings Fresh Crisis for Abe

Potentially damaging revelations surrounding the minister and one of his aides have added to pressure on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Hong Kong Stars Face Mainland Boycott Over Support for Protests

Pro-democracy protesters at their barricade on Friday in the Mong Kok district of Hong Kong.

Pro-Beijing Lawmaker Says Hong Kong Leader Should Think About Quitting

Images of Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong's chief executive, at a protest site in the Mong Kok district.

With Guile and a Tiny Torah, Women Hold a Bat Mitzvah at Western Wall

Members of the group Women of the Wall held their first full bat mitzvah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Friday.

Health Officials Expect to Start Vaccine Trials in West Africa as Early as December

Participants in Liberia and Sierra Leone would receive experimental vaccines that could lead to mass inoculations in 2015, health officials said Friday.

Poland Appeals European Court of Human Rights Ruling on C.I.A. 0Black Site0

The court ruled that Poland violated the rights of two terrorism suspects by allowing their transfer to a secret detention center run by the C.I.A.

European Union Asks Britain to Pay Extra $2.7 Billion

In a country where membership in the bloc is a contentious topic, the request is being portrayed as a punishment for its relative economic success.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn0s Business Partner Dies, Apparently in Suicide

Thierry Leyne, a French-Israeli banker, jumped from a building in Tel Aviv, Israeli officials said.

Woman Who Had Child With British Undercover Officer Will Receive Settlement

The payment is part of tangle of cases relating to a unit whose members posed as activists to gather intelligence on militant political and environmental groups.

Sinosphere Blog: China0s Latest Space Launch Is Next Step in Lunar Ambitions

The successful launch of a spacecraft that will test flight paths and equipment brings China one step closer to its long-range goal of sending a probe to the moon that will return to Earth.

Sinosphere Blog: In One Chinese City, Underperformers Also Share the Limelight

To encourage local districts to improve their performance on development-related goals, Weinan, in Shaanxi Province, has taken to presenting the worst performing areas with last-place plaques.

Op-Ed Contributor: Modi0s Idea of India

Op-Ed Contributor: The Suzuki Method: Japan's Best Overlooked Cultural Export

Shinichi Suzuki directing children in Maryland in 1980.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Russia0s Halfway House

The few legal protections Russians still possess are becoming even more limited.

U.S. and South Korea Agree to Delay Shift in Wartime Command

The deal reached at the Pentagon means the Americans will retain control of forces in the event of war until the South Korean military is better prepared.

Sweden Ends Submarine Search, Closing Book on Intrigue-Tinged Episode

A military team was called off after a weeklong hunt near Stockholm for an enigmatic vessel that never materialized, the authorities said.

Lens Blog: Emotions Reverberate After the Sky Crashed

Aklima, 28, a survivor who suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder. She worries that what happened to her could also affect her children0s well-being.

Deal Set on China-Led Infrastructure Bank

President Xi Jinping of China met with government officials on Friday to sign a memorandum to start the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Myanmar0s Opening Up Hasn0t Loosened Graft in Courts

Lawyers say bribes are required at nearly every step of the judicial process in Myanmar. Above, the High Court in Yangon.

South Korea Delays Shift in Control of Military

The United States agreed to postpone the return of wartime control of the South Korean military to Seoul until the South0s forces were better prepared.

European Leaders Agree on Targets to Fight Climate Change

Herman Van Rompuy. the President of the European Council, holds his grandson at a summit meeting in Brussels.

Ebola Crosses New Border as Mali Confirms a Case

A toddler from next-door Guinea who lost a parent to the disease has tested positive.

World Briefing: Hearing in Haitians0 Cholera Case

A federal judge in Manhattan heard arguments on Thursday in the first court proceeding over Haitian cholera victims0 lawsuit against the United Nations.

Head of Inquiry Into Child Abuse in Britain Faces a Legal Challenge

Fiona Woolf, the head of the inquiry, faces scrutiny over her links to the man who was home secretary when files about the abuse charges vanished.

Nathan Cirillo, Soldier Killed in Ottawa, Used Strength to Help Others

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa a few days before his death.

Lebanon to Bar Syrian Refugees

Lebanon announced that it would not accept any more refugees from neighboring Syria, except in what the authorities deem to be 0exceptional0 cases.

In Mexico, an Embattled Governor Resigns

The leader of the southern Mexico state where 43 college students have gone missing stepped down on Thursday under pressure from his own party.

Robust Reponse to ISIS Appears Far Off for Iraqis

Kurdish troops killed fighting Islamic State militants in Syria were buried in Suruc, Turkey. Iraqis and Kurds have reclaimed some territory, but their ability to sustain advances is in doubt.

U.S. Is Investigating Report That Islamic State Used Chlorine Gas

American officials said they were examining a report that 11 police officers were sickened after a bomb dispersed chlorine gas last month near Balad, north of Baghdad.

Khenpo Kartse, Tibetan Religious Leader, Is Said to Be Sentenced in China

The well-known figure had been accused of harboring a fugitive monk from Chamdo in his own monastery in the Yushu area of Qinghai Province.

Britain Pledges Millions to Fight Ebola and Chides Others to Spend More

Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain is to promise an additional 80 million pounds to build treatment centers.

Despite Telltale Signs, Ottawa Gunman Was Not Flagged as a Threat

A mourner on Thursday at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, where Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was fatally shot Wednesday.

Jihadist Captive Faces Terror Charges in U.S.

The former Russian soldier who joined mujahedeen fighters during Russia0s war in Afghanistan in 1980s also later fought against American troops until his capture in 2009.

In Iraq, Relief After News of Blackwater Convictions

For many of the survivors of the 2007 shooting in Baghdad, the verdicts offered some solace after a traumatic event that became synonymous with the worst of the American occupation.

Unable to Marry Gay Couples, Some Italian Mayors Rebel

Mayor Ignazio Marino, center, registered the foreign marriage of Tommaso Giartosio, left, and Gianfranco Goretti.

British Labour Chief, a Jew Who Criticizes Israel, Walks a Fine Line

Ed Miliband, who could become Britain0s first Jewish-born prime minister since Disraeli, has denounced Israeli actions in Gaza.

Boko Haram Said to Abduct More Women in Nigeria

A bishop described a situation much like the one last April when more than 200 schoolgirls were taken in a kidnapping that attracted worldwide attention.

Ottawa Gunman0s Family Releases Statement

The parents of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the man authorities identified as the gunman, expressed grief over the shooting.

U.N. Human Rights Panel Urges China to Allow Free Elections in Hong Kong

An injured protester tried to stop a group of taxi drivers from removing barricades on Wednesday in the Mong Kok district.

Lens Blog: Revisiting Unhealed Wounds in Chechnya

On his visit to Chechnya, Mr. Greene found posters of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and the Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, in many places. The National Theater, Grozny, Chechnya. 2013.

At War: An Iraq Veteran0s Experience With Chemical Weapons

Lt. John Ismay of the Navy in a wheat field hit by BLU-97/B cluster bombs near Bartallah, Iraq, in 2007.