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Birthright Trips to Israel Continue Despite Mideast Conflict

Lila Faria, 19, at her home in Maplewood, N.J. Ms. Faria, a student at New York University, recently returned from a trip to the Middle East with the Taglit-Birthright Israel organization.

Anger in Europe Over the Gaza Fighting Reverberates as Anti-Semitism

Protesters in support of Palestinians in Gaza last weekend displayed a swastika at a Paris rally. The demonstration had been banned by the government and prompted deployment of police.

Britain Fails to Find Riches It Expected in Swiss Accounts

The banking industry in Zurich is centered on a square called Paradeplatz, where companies like Credit Suisse are based.

Gaza Fighting Intensifies As Cease-Fire Falls Apart

Israeli officials said Second Lt. Hadar Goldin was abducted; two other soldiers were killed.

A Test for Ukraine in City Retaken From Rebels

Nadezda Ivanovna, 84, of Slovyansk, a city held by pro-Russian rebels who have since fled.

Investigators in Ukraine Begin Long-Delayed Search of Plane Crash Site

Investigators from the Netherlands and Australia began on Friday to look for human remains in the 14-square-mile area of debris.

In India, Kerry Seeks Compromise With Prime Minister

During his first meeting with the recently elected Nerendra Modi, the secretary of state tried to improve relations and close a divide over a trade treaty.

Obama Casts Doubt on Chances of Gaza Cease-Fire

President Obama on Friday demanded that Hamas release a captured Israeli soldier unconditionally and expressed pessimism that another cease-fire could be reached.

In Tunnel War, Israeli Playbook Has No Answers

Israeli soldiers prepare to enter Gaza.

Insurgents Kill a Lawmaker in Somalia

Gunmen killed the lawmaker, Aden Madeer, as he left a mosque in Mogadishu. He was the fifth member of Somalia0s Parliament to be killed by insurgents this year.

2 Palestinians Killed in West Bank Clashes

The two Palestinians were fatally shot by Israeli security forces during clashes in the West Bank, according to the Palestinian news media.

Break in Fighting Lets International Team Reach Site of Ukraine Crash

A Ukrainian soldier and vehicles from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

The Saturday Profile: French TV Executive Aims to Entertain North Africa, Too

0I liked the idea of producing feel-good programs that were about surpassing yourself and transmitting knowledge, 0 said Bouchra Rejani is one of the most successful television producers in France.

Kerry Calls on Qatar and Turkey to Gain Release of Israeli Soldier

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry departed from New Delhi on Friday.

Uganda Anti-Gay Law Struck Down by Court

Gay rights activists celebrated on Friday in Kampala, Uganda, after a five-judge panel announced that a punitive anti-gay law was invalid.

John F. Tefft, a Career Diplomat, Will Go to Russia

The Senate confirmed John F. Tefft as the United States' ambassador to Russia on Thursday night.

Ebola Virus Is Outpacing Efforts to Control It, World Health Body Warns

Disinfectant is used in an attempt to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus at a government building in Monrovia, Liberia.

Sinosphere Blog: Anticorruption Campaign Targets Second CCTV Head

Liu Wen, the director of China Central Television0s documentary channel, CCTV-9, and producer of the hit series 0A Bite of China,0 has been detained on suspicion of corruption.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Will the Economy Save Cameron?

Britain has finally made up the ground lost since the 2008 crash, but that does not assure electoral success for the Conservative Party.

Op-Ed Contributor: Africa0s Slide Toward Disaster

A U.S.-Africa summit meeting needs to address how American policies have fostered a culture of abuse and rebellion.

Opinion: South Korea0s Education System Hurts Students

Sinosphere Blog: Research Plan on Bear Bile Medicine Is Hailed by Animal Activists

A bear at a farm owned by Guizhentang Pharmaceutical, which makes tonics from bear bile.

Sinosphere Blog: Videos Capture Terror of Deadly Taiwan Explosions

On cellphones, security monitors and dashboard cameras, the residents of Kaohsiung captured the terrifying series of explosions that rocked their city.

Cease-Fire in Gaza Conflict Takes Effect as Talks Are Set

Family members mourned on Thursday in Tel Aviv at the grave of Staff Sgt. Guy Algranati, 20, who was killed on Wednesday.

World Briefing: Thailand: Military Junta Appoints Interim Legislature

Thailand0s junta, which took power on May 22, appointed a 200-member interim legislature on Thursday.

World Briefing: Greece: Government Aids Evacuations From Libya

A Greek government official said that a merchant vessel had been chartered by the Chinese government for the evacuation of hundreds of its citizens, but gave no further details.

World Briefing: Russia: Snowden Waiting for Extension of Asylum

The temporary asylum status of Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor accused of leaking secret documents, has expired in Russia.

World Briefing: India: Dozens of Villagers Still Missing After Landslide

Rescue workers pulled eight survivors from the mud a day after a huge landslide hit the village of Malin in the Pune district of Maharashtra State in western India.

World Briefing: Norway: As Threat Eases, Terrorism Alert Is Called Off

Norway0s government called off a weeklong terrorism alert on Thursday, saying an attack by a militant Islamist group with combat training in Syria was no longer seen as imminent.

Gas Suspected in Fatal Blasts That Jolted a City in Taiwan

Suspected gas explosions on Thursday night killed at least 24 people in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Tensions Escalate Between Israel and a Second Party in Gaza: The United Nations

Agency officials are enraged by strikes on its facilities and mounting civilian casualties in Gaza, while Israel accuses the United Nations of playing down Hamas0s role in the conflict.

American Held in North Korea Says Health Is Failing

A pro-North Korea newspaper quoted Kenneth Bae, an imprisoned American missionary, as saying that he felt abandoned by the United States.

School Shelters Offer Limited Safety, and Even Less Comfort

About 200,000 displaced people in Gaza have packed into more than 80 schools run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which cares for refugees.

Emergency Efforts in Africa to Contain Ebola as Toll Rises

A classroom in Monrovia, Liberia, on Thursday. Liberia has announced school closings to help combat the Ebola outbreak.

Ancient Haven for Refugees Sees Signs of Strain

Five-year-old Duaa and her family are Syrian refugees from Aleppo living in Istanbul. Some Turks have demanded that Syrians be sent away from the city.

U.S. Seeks Release of Couple in Qatar, Creating Tensions With a Crucial Arab Ally

The State Department asked Qatar to lift a travel ban against an American couple being held in connection with the death of their adopted daughter.

French Families Challenge Doctors on Wrenching End-of-Life Decisions

Pierre and Viviane Lambert in a French courtroom in January. They have appealed a ruling that their son could be allowed to die.

Mexican Drug Lord Taunts the Authorities With Videos

Servando G0mez, in an interview with Channel 4 News in Britain. He talked about his transition from schoolteacher to crime boss.

In India, Kerry to Meet New Prime Minister and Seek Improved Relations

Secretary of State John Kerry, visiting a factory in New Delhi, is to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday morning.

World Briefing: Prominent Activist Charged With Treason in Azerbaijan

The government charged the human rights activist Leyla Yunus and her husband with a variety of crimes and ordered Ms. Yunus to be detained for three months before her trial.

Imam in China Who Defended Party0s Policies in Xinjiang Is Stabbed to Death

Jume Tahir, the head of China0s largest mosque, was attacked after morning prayers in Kashgar in the troubled region of Xinjiang.

London Has Plans for Rowdy Drunks

People who repeatedly commit alcohol-related crimes will be forced to wear ankle tags that monitor their drinking, the mayor of London said.

Alexander Litvinenko0s Death Examined as Ties Fray Between Russia and West

Alexander V. Litvinenko, a former K.G.B. agent who became a critic of the Russian government, in 2006 after he was poisoned with radioactive polonium.

Lens Blog: Photographing on the Ground in Gaza

Mohammed Shinbary comforted his daughter Mahasin, 7, who was injured in an Israeli airstrike at the United Nation school in Beit Hanoun. He went to see her in the hospital in Beit Lahiya. July 24, 2014.

At War Blog: The 0Battle Rhythm0 of Helping to Build a Democracy

Lt. Col. James Bishop in Kabul, Afghanistan.