We *Really* Built It
Fri, Aug 31, 2012 at 9:07 PM by Dave Winer.
  • A picture named webuiltit.gifIn all seriousness, the Republicans have made an extremely cool invitation to debate who built this country. Were it the capitalists like Mitt Romney, or were it the people who busted their balls to make something happen. Big or small. America is made up of millions of stories. We all have families we're proud of (to some extent at least) and we're not all like the little dude in Monopoly with the tux and top hat. We're dirty and crazy and we love this country. So fuck you Mitt if you think you made this. We made it. A picture named republican.gifAnd we're not Republicans.
  • If I were making signage for the Democrats I'd have lots of We Really Built It signs around the convention center. And huge chants with teachers and construction workers and teamsters and immigrants and women -- you name it -- all the people who aren't Republicans -- people who Built It.
  • How about a boxing match between a teacher and an actor who looks like Paul Ryan. Obviously the teacher gets to kick "Paul Ryan's" butt. For extra fun have the teacher come from Janesville, WI. :-)
  • One thing the Dems might not realize is how much pent-up frustration there is with the antics the Repubs have been pulling that have been screwing our country. It really would be nice to direct that hate of all things Republican in some productive direction.